Investment Preferences in Kurdistan Province 

1. Being located in a special geographical area, ie north-south road, to be in touch with the southern ports of Imam and khoramshahr and southwestern borders of Bazargan and Jolfa.

2. Having 230 KIns common border with Iraq including three active frontier markets to export and import commodities and a population of about 300 million.

3. Enjoying strategic situation on account of accessing neighboring countries' markets such as those ofIraq, Syria, Turkey and Jordan.

4. Granting loans with 30 to 50 percent bank interest exemption to investors.

5. Giving foreign currency loans with 3 percent bank interest provided by foreign exchange reserve fund.

6. A. Securing inexpensive water, electricity, gas and other infra-structure services through Local Balance and Development Budget.
    B. 10-year tax exemption since launching production units.

7. Enjoying natural sources, favorable climate and fertile soil.

8. Having three permanently flowing rivers containing 14.7 billion cubic meter of water inside the province.

9. Being one of the mineral poles enjoying rich and various mineral resources.

10. Having raw material to develop convertible industries.

11. Having industrial districts in various parts of the province enjoying infrastructure services (water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc.) as well as accessing sufficient land.

12. Having a pipe system of gas delivery and creating the related units.

13. Having trade banks able to do international trade operations and establish letter of credit.

14. Having insurance companies to execute and transfer documents and trade information regarding exporting and importing commodities shortly.

15. Having state and private organizations in the fields of commerce and economy such as Commerce Bureau of Mine and Industry Organization, Cooperation Bureau, Industry and Mine Bereau, and Frontiermen Cooperation.

16. Having International transportation companies to transit commodities and enjoy suitable reservoirs.

17. Enjoying the suitable ground to use local and foreign markets.

18. Having educated and active workforce receiving with competitive payments.

19. Having a support committee in the province.

20. Attracting the attention of officials-in-charge toward investment and plan execution facilitation.

Province Investment Committee Secretariat

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