Water, Agriculture and Natural Resources

The area of farm lands of Kurdistan Province is about 1100000 hectares of which 700000 hectares are allocated to the cultivation of different kinds of crops annualy. 15 percent of the whole lands under cultivation in the province is allocated to irrigated cultivation.
Kurdistan province, having a precipitation of about 500 millimeters (more than two times as much as average precipitation in Iran), is one of the  (  more ... )

Cultural Heritage and Tourism

One of the most important attractions of the province is its cultural features such as language, ethnic music ethnic costume, ethnic dance, festivals, celebrations, and handicrafts. People in this province speak Kurdish as their first language. The Kurdish language is a west II"anian language related to Farsi and Pashto and like Farsi it is a branch of the Indo-European languages. It has its own grammatical and writing regulations as a language. ( more ... )

Industries & Mines

Kurdistan province has got notable mineral resources, and decorative stones with a vast variety in color, are the most significant through minerals of this area.
Different kinds of minerals in Kurdistan are: Decorative stones (Marble, Red Marble , Granite , Travertine onyx) ... ( more ... )

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